The Origin of The Sun Hot Spring Resort

Mother Nature provides Central Taiwan travelers a chance to happiness without the burden of planning; just ignite the engines for a short trip. The Sun Hot Spring Resort settles under the sun and the moon, allowing wandering visitors and busy lovers to relax their restless hearts and let go of the trivial matters of life. The exterior of the resort is layered with the subtle and elegant black Guanyin Rock, creating a steady and calm atmosphere. The simple architectural design forms a comfortable space and all of the 80 rooms are designed with high ceiling and allows the sunlight to seep in. Take a brief vacation in the Sun Hot Spring Resort to prepare for the beautiful journey ahead.

Spring Quality

The Sun Hot Spring – Beauty spring

The Sun hot spring is about 40∘C. Bathing in the 100% authentic spring is just like bathing in natural moisturizing lotion that softens the keratin. The spring releases sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and carbonate that relieve the skin from the wrath of age. The PH7.6 natural beauty spring is gentle and helps the body to fully relax; cleansing the body, heart and soul to the original purity, allowing the body to restore its refreshing state.